Things That Are the Same in Any Language


Just because Saba teaches Arabic, doesn’t mean we are only about one language. It’s through our love of language that we are able to recognize that this world is filled with so many amazing types, but we share many of the same basic sounds.

Snoring: We all snore the same. No matter where you live, you will have children and spouses all over the world that have to deal with snoring. Unless you have a snoring mouthpiece like Zyppah, we all snore the same.

Yelling: Drop something on your foot, and no one can tell what language you’re yelling in. That is if it’s a straight yell, it’s when it gets to obscenities that we can start telling. Unless you can curse in different languages at once, which would be impressive.

Laughing: From children to the elderly, a laughing fit cannot be misunderstood. This is my favorite of all the similarities, a laughing child looks the same in any country, as it should be.

Crying: Couldn’t have the happier emotions in there without adding the sadder ones. Crying is sad in any language, unless it’s tears of joy!