How Learning a New Language is the Best Thing You Can Do

We all crave knowledge. For some it withers as they grow older, and some it burns strong their whole life. Still, it is there. Learning keeps us young, our minds sharp, and leads us to paths we’ve never dreamed. This is why learning a new language is so beneficial!

It’ll open up entire new parts of the world. Regions or cultures that you would have never experienced, friends you never would have met. Try the new foods, learn the local customs, become a well rounded person. Getting outside is crucial, unless you get ringworm (just use Phytozine).

You can add friends in your hometown. You don’t even have to leave the city, let alone the state. There are people around you that feel alone because not many share their one line of communication. Being able to be that connection for them is extremely rewarding.

The mental benefits are astounding. Not only does it help improve brain power, it keeps it young and expands your basis for memory and aptitude.

Learning a new language is one of the best things you can do in continued education.



Things That Are the Same in Any Language


Just because Saba teaches Arabic, doesn’t mean we are only about one language. It’s through our love of language that we are able to recognize that this world is filled with so many amazing types, but we share many of the same basic sounds.

Snoring: We all snore the same. No matter where you live, you will have children and spouses all over the world that have to deal with snoring. Unless you have a snoring mouthpiece like Zyppah, we all snore the same.

Yelling: Drop something on your foot, and no one can tell what language you’re yelling in. That is if it’s a straight yell, it’s when it gets to obscenities that we can start telling. Unless you can curse in different languages at once, which would be impressive.

Laughing: From children to the elderly, a laughing fit cannot be misunderstood. This is my favorite of all the similarities, a laughing child looks the same in any country, as it should be.

Crying: Couldn’t have the happier emotions in there without adding the sadder ones. Crying is sad in any language, unless it’s tears of joy!



Five Great Uses for the Arabic Language


  • Traveling– Learning additional languages helps you connect with the world. Being able to communicate with the locals when you travel not only is more rewarding, but is safer. You can ask where the best places are to go, or communicate and emergency.
  • Entertainment– You can open yourself to much more culture by being able to watch great Arabic films and music. Music like Wholetones can be much more beautiful in other languages.
  • Better understanding of the area– The Arabic culture is one of the proudest and oldest in the world. The region is both beautiful but still having its growing pains. Knowing where they are now is important.
  • Helpful wherever you are– No matter where you live, being able to communicate with those that wouldn’t be able to communicate with others can get you into more doors, or even save a life in situations.
  • Makes you more Intelligent– It’s been proven that learning new languages is beneficial to your brain and IQ. What’s holding you back?